Qubole provides a Big Data on the cloud service. The main idea behind the product is to make data-driven insights easily accessible to anyone. The platform is industry‚Äôs first autonomous data platform which self-manages, self-optimizes and learns to improve automatically and as a result delivers unbeatable agility, flexibility, and TCO. 

I head the design group at Qubole and am responsible for formulating the design strategy and vision, apart from being more hand-on and designing key features. My ability to see the big picture while dwelling in the details allows me to execute tasks at any level of detail, guide the team towards the goal, set priorities and achieve business objectives with limited resources. 

Qubole Data Service Platform

Since I joined my main task has been to upgrade the user experience of the platform to be more simple, efficient, modern and clean.

Given the small team size, it was important to strike the balance between fixing the current interface and introducing new features. In order to address this, I quickly identified the major problem areas and divided them into 2 buckets: low hanging high impact fixes and long term strategic upgrades. This allowed for accommodating small changes in the sprints while focussing on working on new features. 

Data Science

An example of incremental changes leading to a new better experience is the Data Science experience,




I also designed a number of features around intelligent agents like data discovery previews, data insights and data structure recommendations,