Oracle cloud provides the most comprehensive set of services and applications to the customer across the three layers, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. I have been working with the PaaS and IaaS side of things since the very beginning and have been involved in a lot of key design decisions including selecting the design direction, visual language and defining cutting edge enterprise UI.

Service Consoles

I also designed and continue to evolve more than 10+ service management consoles including Database, Java, Compute and Big Data. During the design phase, I greatly reduced the complexity of booting up, running and managing instances, letting users create instances 3.7x times faster than competitors. This was a competitive advantage and highlighted multiple times during Keynotes and product launches. 


A New Design Language

When I joined, the cloud was just starting. The UI was primitive and was built on legacy designs templates. My earliest work included redefining the UI to brainstorms not only the enhanced feature set but to have a modern look and feel and a consistent design language that would be used for all new services that get on-boarded.

There was a lot of work involved including market research, competitor analysis, low fidelity mockups and high fidelity prototypes through which we came up with the next generation enterprise UI based on the principles of simplicity, clean, free flowing, engaging and progressive disclosure.

This evolved into a company wide initiative and is being used by the entire company to design new services. See samples of the latest on altaui.com

Evolution of Cloud UI


Alta App Demo

To see the live demo of an app following Alta patterns, click the image below


Other notable works

Trial Flow redesign (increasing signups by 27%)

User Assistance Features (company wide initiative to help users getting started and obtain in-context help)

Work samples are available on request.