is a computational engine which returns direct results to a query rather than a bunch of links. When launched in 2009, it was one of a kind platform and got some rave reviews. It is fairly popular in the academic community as well as for casual internet users. It is available on the desktop as well as on mobile.

Wolfram Alpha App

I worked on the Mobile part of Wolfram|Alpha. Apart from the main Wolfram|Alpha(WA) app, where I designed a host of features including the Image as Input feature, where a user could upload an image from their device and perform a set of image processing operations on the image. Below is a flow diagram I created to outline the functionality.

Also, as part of the partnership with Apple I worked on the free WA app to work with Siri. The app was a stripped down version of the full app and had limited functionality. The idea was to allow users to get more details of an answer than what Siri could provide while at the same time making the free app useful for other non-Siri users.


Assistant Apps

I also designed 30+ mobile applications for different domains including mathematics, science, personal assistants and professional assistants. Some of these apps have been in the top 5 of their respective categories and regularly featured by Apple in their App Store. The key to developing so many apps in such a short period was to design the apps in such a way that they could be standardized into templates for other apps of the same category to use.



The development of these apps and their restrictions on user input, lead us to master the science of designing suitable keyboards for each one of them. As trivial as this may seem, design for some of these keyboards was very challenging. For example consider the chemistry app where a whooping 108 elements needed to be put on a single iphone keyboard!



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