The Nokia Internet Tablet is designed for wireless Internet browsing and e-mail functions and includes software such as Internet radio, an RSS news reader, ebook reader, image viewer and media players for selected types of media. The Nokia Internet Tablet runs Maemo. It is compatible with any software designed for Maemo, supports most common file formats.

Project Objective

The objective of the Maemo Organizer project was to design a personal information management application for Maemo, which is an open source initiative. The application contains PIM features such as Calendar, To Do List, and Alarm reminder.

Design Methodology

We closely followed the User-Centered Design approach to develop the product. The challenges of designing for small screen were pretty obvious from the start of the project and a very dedicated and possessive set of users meant that we faced high criticism at every step of the process. However, we kept our focus on three main things, which in the end proved decisive in delivering the best solution out there.

The focus was to:

  • Enable primary usage through fingers rather than stylus.
  • Use scaffolding techniques to break complex tasks into a number of steps.
  • Easy and immediate access to main functions and navigation.

Flash Prototype:

We prototyped the Organizer screens using flash and exported it to Nokia Internet Tablet. We tested it with the end user after detailing all the functionalities.

Click on image to launch prototype

Download High Fidelity Prototype [opens in new window]
Please note that some of the functionality are not available in the shared version of prototype and might not be working.


Poster Presentation during Exposition’09 : Maemo_poster


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I would encourage you to see more details at the Project Website