I worked with Whirlpool Corporation in the Global Consumer Design Group and specifically with the Strategic Interaction Design group during the summer of 2009. The main task was to research and design information presentation screens for the appliances but I completed a number of other projects as well. I worked in close association to Interaction Designers, User Experience Designers, Brand Managers and Graphic Designers to design the application.

  • Gathered user expectations and requirements with respect to energy management interfaces.
  • Developed a competitive benchmarking of applications dealing with information presentation for energy management on appliances.
  • Conducted user-centered needs analysis and usability evaluation of new products.
  • Conducted hallway usability of products and prepared a report of the findings.
  • Designed prototype for the application based on the competitive benchmarking and research.
  • Develop pattern libraries of user interaction design style across categories for Maytag brand

The design for the energy management interface was done by strictly following the UCD process. See the image below for the description of the stages involved and the steps carried out at each stage.

During the low fidelity stage I came up with a number of concepts each pertaining to some important user expectations (quantitative data, comparative data, modular, etc ) with the interface. I then sat together with the team to find the most optimum concept by evaluating them on the criteria of Simple/Aesthetic, Navigation, Intuitiveness and Scalability keeping requirements, user persona and expectations in mind. This analysis is shown in the chart below.

Based on the findings of the chart, concept#3 was converted into a high fidelity prototype.

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