I worked at FIRSTusable during the summer of 2006 and my work involved working hands on a number of simultaneous usability based projects. I conducted a number of heuristic evaluations in order to create client awareness about the importance of usability in their websites and how they relate to Return of Investment.

Apart from various ongoing projects and client handling, I also worked on the development of an entirely new inhouse product FuseBox. The tasks involved Market Research, User Research, Content creation, Information Architecture, Prototyping and Database integration.

About FuseBox

FUSEBox is a product that is going to be out of the box and out of this world. The idea is to demystify usability somewhat, in the minds of our prospect clients and the world at large. The result of this effort is the most relevant usability guideline resource you could probably find anywhere.

FUSEBox attempts to suggest clear “starting points” and practical insights to employing usability theory so as to create more usable products and solutions.